A Story


Our traditional Turkish activities in the country in 2000, the leather processing (leather) is the world‘s markets to contribute to the deserved and was established to create a brand in this field. Bu to create a brand from the establishment to reach the goal and belief;
a) not to compromise on quality
b) the country‘s best manufacturers of leather work
c) the ever-changing trends in the world to follow
d) Your own mobile phones to the new area of activity very quickly produce new designs sheath.
e) the use of raw materials in every effort to respect the environment and human health in this respect, take care in using in production of anti carcinogenic materials.
f) Our company mainly export-forward nearly 70% of the production. In this regard, particularly European countries, including 10 years in approximately 20 countries worldwide.
As a result, to preserve the basic principles of our company provided that the above-mentioned mainly sees customer satisfaction.